Monday, August 31, 2009

Some LOs - Мои странички

По случаю дня рождения магазина и блога CatScrap - там проводятся конкурсы с призами)))

Так как мне очень нравится продукция магазина и блог - я тоже решила поучавствовать..

Вот мои странички

Эта страничка вошла в тройку победителей на конкурсе)))
About - a colaboration kit by Creashens, Something blue studios and K Studio
FruitLoOp Sally kit Monotones (WA)
FruitLoOp Sally Changes (numbers)

Little paper freebie by Syrin
Trices of Print Vines by Catrine
The right accent - Catscrap freebie
Vinnie Pearce Placid
About _ by Creashens, Something Blue Studios and K Studio
Monotones by Fruitloops Sally and Cinamon Designs
my cuted element -yin yang

All by Viinie Pearce
Princess and the pea
My sister my friend
Running and Jumping
Big word mask

About by Creashens
"Changes" by FruitLoOp Sally
Kristen S Rice from the kit About
Vinnie Pearce Princess
SBS candles
Catrine Birthday freebie

Worn photo overlays set two by Something blue studios
Candid by Creashens
Play by Creashens
Silly by K-Studio

Vinnie Pearse Placid
Creashens Candid
Creashens Play
Catrine Designs Traces of print
Worn photo overlays by Something blue studios

Worn photo overlays set two by Something blue studios
FruitLoOp Sally kit Monotones
Vinnie Pearce Time out
Candid by Creashens
Stitched alpha by K-Studio

Boys Retreat by Catherine Designs at A5D

На любимом Скрап-Арте проходила акция Обмен фото
И вот страничка -это подарок от меня
Татьяне (Lilu74)

Lily Designs Baby Elf
NewlifeDreams designs_Summer Adajio

А вот подарочек ДЛЯ МЕНЯ от Татьяны (Fomusik)

Magnificent Memory Collab by Noshay
The rain bow of variety by Ptitesouris
A day in the garden by Fanette Design
CHUT ! by Bellisae Designs
Kit Love & Hope by Jaelop Designs

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